Medical Illustration Commissions in Zurich and Frankfurt

Hello Everyone,

Last year I was commissioned by Make Believe Studios to create illustrations at two Novartis medical conferences, one in Zurich and one in Frankfurt. The conference in Zurich was about living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis and the conference in Frankfurt was about children living with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SJIA). My colleague Martin Cornwell McKeown and I, set up a small studio in the conference room and worked together to illustrate stories by Novartis representatives, doctors and their patients, in order for Novartis to gain a better understanding of their client’s needs and how they can improve on their products. The duration of each conference was two days and in that time we produced approximately 40 large posters, which we printed and displayed for everyone to see on the day. Here are some illustration examples!

Child's bedroom illustrationHands illustrationSofa IllustrationChild with teddy illustrationOld ruin Statue illustrationChild on swing illustrationPeople walking, bicycle illustrationStethoscope illustrationLittle man drawing

Child with Fever illustration


Child on hospital bed illustrationChild's legs and feet illustrationGolf illustrationchild on bike illustrationFuture Illustration Emily Wallis

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